Hydrostatic Pressure

Have you seen water around your foundation or in your crawl space in Charleston? Are you curious about what is causing water damage to your foundation? Hydrostatic pressure might be the answer you seek. Call 843-405-7022 if you see water or signs of water damage in your crawl space. CNT Foundations' experts will go to your home and give a free, no-commitment evaluation for repairing your foundation.

Let’s investigate how hydrostatic pressure can harm your foundation.

hydro static pressure
A diagram of how water can seep through a foundation

What is hydrostatic pressure?

Hydrostatic pressure is when water pushes against any surface that restricts its flow. In the event that water is trying to stream downhill, gravity will pull against the water and urge it to flow downwards. If there is something strong in the way, like your foundation, the water will push relentlessly against the foundation until it can get past. At more than 60 lbs. per cubic foot, water is dense and won't let anything stop it from going where it wants to go.

Hydrostatic pressure increases depending on the gravity or weight of the soil pressing down on it. The deeper your foundation goes and the more moisture there is in Charleston soil, the greater chance you have of serious structural damage. The hydrostatic pressure will increase depending on how far down in the ground you go. That pressure can cause cracks in your foundation and let water leak through into your space.

What are the symptoms of hydrostatic pressure?

The most recognizable symptom of hydrostatic pressure pushing against your foundation is water getting into your crawl space with no conspicuous cracks. This happens when the water finds each tiny split and crack in the wall and gradually sneaks in. The more the dirt around your foundation remains soaked with water, the worse the damage will become. You may likewise see mildew and mold, extreme humidity, musty or damp scents, bowed walls, and cracking foundation walls due to hydrostatic pressure. Unwanted water leaking through your foundation can let pests and other bugs into your crawl space and house. You might ask – how might I prevent the water from coming in?

How can I repair damage caused by hydrostatic pressure?

Even the greatest foundation can suffer from water damage. There are solutions and services that we use to keep your crawl space dry. The fix could be as simple as adjusting your gutters or as complicated as making serious repairs to your foundation. CNT Foundations has answers for your foundation repair needs. Call 843-405-7022 to speak with our experts in Charleston today and schedule a free estimate. Our mission is to secure your home's foundation, so you can appreciate the more important things in life.