Expansive Soils

If you're seeing foundation issues in Charleston, it could be because your house sits on expansive soil. Ordinarily soil with high clay content, this dirt type is one of the main sources of foundation issues. CNT Foundations has answers for all your foundation repair needs. If you think that your house is built on expansive soil, one of our accomplished team members will inspect your foundation and give a free, no-commitment evaluation for foundation repair.

Expansive soil can cause serious damage to your foundation. Here's why:

Expansive Soils
A crawl space with hanging insulation and open sections of the foundation floor

Why is expansive soil so dangerous?

Expansive soil contains clay which can absorb a lot of water. Parts of the Atlantic Coastal Plain and the Piedmont Plateau contain this clay-rich soil. Once the soil begins to soak up moisture, it expands and will push against anything in its path, including your foundation. Expansive soil can expand 10-15% of its dry volume and as it grows, it will cause your foundation walls to crack and bow or it will cause foundation heave as it pushes up against your foundation floor.

This soil can be just as dangerous during dry seasons because it will shrink as it dries out. The decreased support can put stress on your foundation and create cracks that will allow water to run into your foundation and weaken the structure. The expanding and collapsing soil increases the likelihood that your foundation will settle or experience other extensive damage.

What type of damage is inflicted by expansive soil?

If your house is built on expansive soil, you may begin to see water damage caused by a cracking foundation. Expansive soils can cause:

Expansive soils cause a great deal of foundation problems. The most ideal approach to keep expansive soils from damaging your foundation is to ensure water is draining away from your house and foundation so the water doesn’t soak into the dirt. In case you're seeing symptoms of foundation damage, contact CNT Foundations today. Our foundation repair contractors will inspect your home and survey any issues caused by expansive soils. Call our Charleston area team at 843-405-7022 for a free, no-commitment estimate.

A crawl space with hanging insulation