There are Separations in My Trim and Molding

Have you seen some detachment between your baseboards and floors? Trim and molding pulling from your walls and floors could be an indication of foundation issues. If you see signs of trim or molding separation in Charleston, contact CNT Foundations immediately. Our foundation repair experts are prepared to look at your foundation for signs of damage. Call 843-405-7022 today for your free, no-commitment assessment. What can make your trim and molding separate? There are different reasons.

Why are the baseboards pulling from the floor?

Some obvious signs of damage like cracked sheetrock, uneven floors, and separating trim and molding are the main indications of foundation settlement. There are a few reasons why your home could be settling:

  • All houses settle after some time as they age. If you see any combination of signs, it's conceivable your foundation is damaged.
  • Weak soil that wasn't appropriately compacted when the house was built will settle under the weight of your home causing your foundation to sink.
  • Expansive soil like the clay-rich soil in Charleston can gradually shift underneath your foundation as it grows and shrinks as the seasons pass.

Damaged floor joists could likewise be the reason behind the floor and trim separation. The floor joists may have been unevenly spaced when the foundation was built. The floor will start to sag in a few spots, pulling the floor from the trim and walls. Floor joists can likewise rot because of moisture from water damage and humidity.

separations in trim and molding
wall crack

What can I do to stop separation in my trim and molding?

Trim and molding separation will take more than caulk to repair. In the event that your floor joists are worrying you, a sister joist will help boost the decaying wood and solidify your foundation. If foundation settlement is making your trim separate from your floors, ask a contractor for the best remedy.

CNT Foundations is your trusted source for foundation repair services in Charleston. We'll go to your home to discover what is causing your trim and molding separation so that you can focus on what’s important in life. Call 843-405-7022 today for a free estimate.