What Causes Foundation Heave?

If you see cracks in your floors and walls, something may have changed in the soil underneath your home and you might encounter foundation heave.

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What causes foundation heave? There are numerous reasons.

Foundation Heave
Cracks appearing in dried mud

Water Seepage

Excessive moisture joined with poor drainage can cause water to pool under your foundation. As that water comes into contact with expansive soil, your foundation may start to heave. The expansion can likewise occur in soil on the sides of your foundation, which prompts bowing walls.

There are other reasons.

Leaks Beneath Your Foundation

Burst pipes, waste lines, or HVAC systems can cause water to accumulate in the dirt underneath your foundation. After some time, that moisture makes the dirt grow and push up into your foundation above.

That’s not all.

Expansive Soil

Expansive soil takes in more water than other soils and is susceptible to heave that happens when the clay-rich soil gets wet. When a house is first constructed, the excavation procedure dries the soil out but when the dirt gets wet, expansion happens, causing heaving and other foundation issues.

What do I do if my foundation is heaving?

Heave is not the same as foundation settlement because rather than the sinking that occurs when your foundation settles, heave happens when the dirt shoves itself up into your foundation. Despite the fact that the two look fundamentally the same, our accomplished staff has the capacity to recognize the distinction and find the best solution. Call 843-405-7022 today to set up a free, no-commitment meeting with our foundation experts in Charleston. We'll furnish you with the advice you need to take care of your heaving foundation. We focus on securing your home with the goal that you can focus on living in it.

A foundation where there is a large crack on the floor surface