Collapsing Retaining Wall

Collapsing Retaining Walls

Retaining walls fill an essential need in your yard. If you see that your retaining wall is falling, it is imperative to have a specialist assess the wall. Our accomplished staff will have the capacity to suggest the best answer for your failing retaining wall in Charleston and provide you with a free estimate. Not certain if your retaining wall is really falling?

Take note of the signs.

How do I Know Whether My Retaining Wall is Collapsing?

While a retaining wall completely failing isn’t normal, there are typically caution signs that there is an issue that should be fixed. In the event that the problems are left untreated, after some time, you could encounter a total collapse.

There are a couple of simple approaches to spot if your retaining wall is crumbling:

  • The bordering walls are separating from each other
  • The wall gives off the impression of tilting
  • The concrete is breaking, or the bricks are disintegrating
  • The retaining wall or a segment of the wall has moved forward

In the event that you have seen any of these signs, you might wonder what is causing the fall. Here are a couple of reasons.

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What is Causing My Retaining Wall to Collapse?

Inaccurate Design- Retaining walls are perplexing engineering structures that are sometimes built by unpracticed landscapers. Making mistakes about the size of the wall required, lacking steel rebar, or ineffectively mixed cement can cause to wall failure.

Foundation Settling- If the dirt underneath the wall was not appropriately compacted before development, the heaviness of the materials in the wall can additionally compact the dirt and cause settling.

Improper Drainage- If the refill material utilized as a part of the holding wall is mediocre or the correct drainage isn't installed, water can gather in the soil that is being held back by the wall and after some time can apply extreme weight on the wall.

Do I have to Replace My Retaining Wall Completely?

Despite the fact that it is frustrating to see your retaining wall fail, it is usually conceivable to repair the damage without the need to replace the wall totally. Schedule an estimate with our retaining wall experts in Charleston today. Our company is committed to giving permanent retaining wall solutions that will endure forever – regardless of what it takes.

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