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Concrete Leveling in Charleston, SC

Is your foundation, concrete floor, patio, or walkway beginning to tilt, crack, or become uneven? This is often caused by soil erosion or shifting leaving one side of the concrete slab no longer supported.  

CNT Foundations offers several commercial concrete and foundation services, and we have corrected countless uneven concrete slabs of all sizes all across Charleston, SC. Uneven concrete can be a safety hazard if left alone for too long. CNT Foundations has the tools and expertise and lift and level concrete back to its original position.

Concrete Leveling Solutions

CNT Foundations uses PolyLift, a polyurethane foam injection, to raise concrete back in place. This solution is noninvasive, strong, and functional within 15 minutes after installation. A penny-sized hole is drilled into the slab and polyurethane foam is injected to fill the void underneath and lift the slab to a level position. This foam is extremely light and eco-friendly.

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Commercial Concrete

Concrete slabs on your commercial property can experience shifting and sinking because of soil erosion underneath the slabs. This shifting and sinking can cause the concrete to crack or become uneven. Whether your warehouse floor is sinking in one corner or your walkways have become a tripping hazard, your commercial property needs professional concrete leveling. CNT Foundations has helped many people around Charleston, SC with PolyLift services and can correct the leveling of your concrete slab with effective solutions that are meant to withstand the stresses that come with a commercial property.


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