Wood Rot Replacement


What happens when wood is allowed to sit in a moist environment for too long? It becomes a breeding ground for mold and wood rot, and it can attract pests too. If you have wooden beams in your basement or crawl space, they are particularly susceptible to moisture. Here at CNT Foundations, we see many homes in the Charleston area affected by wood rot, which can compromise your home’s safety! If your wooden beams or joists are allowed to rot, it can lead to a number of structural issues, as well as air quality issues. Thankfully, we are your trusted team for all things foundation and crawl space repair, including wood rot replacement in Charleston.

Wood is one of the most prevalent building materials, which is why it’s so important to stay on top of your home’s wood quality and ensure that your basement or crawl space is properly waterproofed and ventilated. Most wood is hidden from view, under flooring, behind drywall, or beneath your siding, making it difficult to catch early. The decomposition of wood is an essential process in nature, but it’s not something that you want happening in your home!

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Wood rot is a decay process when moisture and fungi meet wood, and there are a few different kinds of wood rot to be aware of:

  • Brown rot- aka “dry rot” goes after the cellulose in the wood, shrinking it down and darkening it in color.
  • White rot- this type of rot affects the lignin in the wood, leaving behind a light yellow or white cellulose that is spongy in texture.
  • Soft rot- a slower-moving fungus than brown or white rot, soft rot can give wood a honeycomb appearance.



CNT Foundations is your resource when you see or suspect wood rot in your home. We will come inspect your basement or crawl space for damage and create a solution that takes care of things for good. We’re proud to be the best company for wood rot replacement in Charleston, and we’ll take care of you! Reach out for your free estimate today.

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