Why Does Concrete Sink?

Everyone has seen a slab of concrete that is uneven and tilted. When the concrete was poured, it was laid evenly, but over time it became crooked. There are several reasons that your concrete walkway, crawlspace or foundation is sinking. The most common reasons are due to moisture and soil type. Fix your moisture and soil issues with our concrete services in Charleston.

Moisture and Soil

Soil shifts and moves over time. Depending on the region in which you are living, the soil can be extremely weak, causing it to shift, sink and erode. Concrete has to be supported by the soil underneath the slab; and when the slab is exposed to too much moisture, it can be severely damaged. A concrete slab starts to sink when it is no longer supported.

Moisture damage is one of the leading causes of foundation issues. Moisture that collects underground can erode the soil that is providing strength to the support structure. However, if caught early, moisture barriers or a drainage system can be put in place to prevent further damage to the support structure.

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Our Concrete Services

CNT Foundation's solution for sinking concrete:

  • Polylift - Polyurethane foam has grown in popularity because it is lightweight and waterproof, with a quick curing time that allows the concrete slab to be used minutes after the concrete slab is level again.

CNT Foundations has corrected countless uneven concrete slabs. To learn more, call your #1 choice in South Carolina for foundation repair, crawl space repair, garage lintel lifting, and concrete repair and leveling services in Charleston at 877-852-5753.

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