What Causes Foundation Problems?

What Causes Foundation Problems

As your home ages, wear and tear can inflict damage, but foundation issues can prompt a break down in your home’s stability and your family’s safety. A well-established framework is important when your house is being built, but different issues may affect your foundation over the years.

Foundation Drainage

Inadequate or ineffective drainage influences soil where your foundation has been built. Excessive or insufficient moisture under your foundation can alter the soil. Search for standing water surrounding your foundation. This might be a sign of poor drainage or ineffective gutters which can cause water to head towards your foundation where the landscape slopes. Sometimes soil that is too dry and crumbly can cause foundation shifting and settlement.

Expansive Soils

Your soil’s composition is by and large a factor of where you live, and it is best to know about the sort of soil under your foundation. Soils that have high clay content are exceptionally vulnerable as the soil contracts and expands depending on the moisture within. A meeting with the CNT Foundations experts in Charleston will enable you to decide the best moisture content for your particular soil to maintain your foundation.

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Tree and Tree Roots

Your beautiful landscape may be a pleasant escape from sunlight by giving shade, but those tree roots can be devastating to your foundation.

Improper Foundation Development

Whether the contractors who built your home were inexperienced or lazy, your foundation may not be as stable as you’d like. Overspanned floor joists or girders and improper footers may add to existing or future foundation issues.

Getting Help for Your Foundation Problems

Your home needs a solid foundation both for the value of your house, as well as for the security of your family. At CNT Foundations, we offer free assessments for your foundation issues to professionally get your home back into great shape.

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