Wall Straightening


In the event that you've seen that your foundation walls are bowed or cracking, it's a great opportunity to contact a foundation repair contractor to talk about straightening your walls. CNT Foundations in Charleston is a general contractor you can trust. Our accomplished staff will come to your home to take a look at your tilting or bowed walls to decide the best game-plan. Foundation walls ought to be rectified before the issue gets worse and causes worse damage. Call CNT Foundations at 877-958-9150 today for your free, no-commitment evaluation.
Why do your foundation walls need to be straightened? Let’s investigate a couple of reasons:


Foundation walls begin to bow inwards when there is too much pressure on the outside of the wall. This pressure can be caused by an excessive amount of water pushing against your foundation, or expansive clay soils that are immersed with water and pushing against your foundation walls. Tree roots and poor drainage are other outside issues that can push against your foundation and cause it to bow. Watch out for horizontal cracks in your foundation walls, as those are a sure sign of structural damage.

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CNT Foundations regularly utilizes wall anchors to fix walls that are tilting or bowing. These anchors reach into the dirt away from your foundation and use that solid soil to gradually pull your foundation walls upright. Wall anchors are expertly installed by our team and will save you the additional cash and time that would be wasted if you replaced your entire foundation.

Give CNT Foundations a chance to rectify your foundation walls with our wall anchor installation. Our group is devoted to protecting your home's wellbeing for the future so that you feel safe. Call 877-958-9150 for a free, no-commitment estimate.

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