If your home is experiencing foundation failure in Charleston, foundation underpinning can increase your foundation depth and provide stability to a weak foundation. Underpinning works with your foundation to make it strong enough to support new or existing structures. CNT Foundations provides the areas around Charleston with underpinning as a foundation repair solution you can trust. Call 877-958-9150 today for your free, no-obligation estimate.

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Foundation underpinning is the process of securing your home by reaching past the weakened soil your foundation is currently built on and installing helical piers. This method of foundation repair directly addresses problems caused by expansive soil or excessive moisture by transferring the weight of your foundation to soil that can support it. Underpinning methods like helical piers and slab piers transfer your home’s weight from surface soil to deeper, more stable soil.

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Our local Charleston underpinning experts use proven methods to help lift your foundation when it starts settling due to unstable soil. Some underpinning methods involve stabilizing your foundation by pouring concrete into excavated sections underneath your foundation, but the more common methods involve installing helical or slab piers that reach deep into the earth. These methods are minimally disruptive so that you can maintain your routine while our expert staff performs the installation.

CNT Foundations is your local foundation repair expert in Charleston. We offer underpinning and a variety of other foundation repair solutions to help stabilize your home so that you can feel safe and secure. Whether you need helical piers or slab piers, our underpinning techniques will help to lift your sinking foundation back to its original state. Call 877-958-9150 today for a free appointment to meet with our highly-trained staff. Let us take care of protecting your home so you can focus on building your future.

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