Tensile pressure can cause foundation walls to bow and crack. An effective foundation solution for this kind of damage is the installation of tiebacks as part of an anchored wall system which transfers the load of the structure to sturdy ground or rock below the surface soil. This is achieved by drilling or installing the tiebacks, or anchors, into the ground where more stable earth and rock are found.

The angle of the tiebacks shifts the load caused by tensile pressure, preventing it from causing further damage. After the tieback is installed, grout is pumped in and around the tieback to prevent the weak soil from affecting or damaging the steel rod.


The process of installing tiebacks allows the shifting, weak soil to have less impact on the foundation. Reinforcing the existing foundation is considered a deep foundation solution that transfers the load to more stable earth that provides resistance to pressure caused by expansive and weak soils, resulting in a sturdy, supported foundation.

Deep foundation systems employ the use of helical piles or micro piles that are screwed into the ground, reaching 15 to 100 feet below the surface, until the load from the structure is supported from bedrock. Weak and expansive soil types are the most common reason commercial foundations need deep foundation repair.

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