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Have you seen indications of foundation settlement around your Charleston home? If you have a concrete foundation, slab piers can be utilized underneath your foundation to help balance out your home. CNT Foundations offers the best foundation repair answers for every circumstance. Our estimators will go to your home to assess your situation and make a recommendation based on your needs. Call 877-958-9150 for a free, no-commitment assessment. How about we investigate when you ought to pick slab piers for your foundation repair:


Foundation settlement is regularly caused by expansive soil, leaks under your foundation, or poor drainage around your foundation. These issues indicate one thing: soil that can't hold up under the weight of your home. Gradually your foundation will begin to sink, and you'll see the signs around your home like:

  • A cracked concrete slab
  • Cracked drywall
  • Gaps in your floors and walls
  • Stuck doors and windows around your home

These signs can end up seriously damaging your home and every one of them imply that your concrete slab foundation is sinking.

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Slab piers reach past the dirt that can't support your foundation and dig into solid earth that is strong enough to provide good support. They can be installed year-round and help repair your sinking foundation with minimal disruption to your schedule.

Slab piers also lift your concrete slab foundation back to its original place, taking care of a large number of your foundation issues without the irritation of replacing the whole slab. Slab piers specifically address the issue of insufficient soil by passing the poor soil and using the strong, good soil underneath it. Replacing a concrete slab ignores what soil problems you may have, and your new concrete slab foundation may settle again after all the hassle of replacement.

Can I use foam to fix my concrete foundation?


CNT Foundations prefers slab piers instead of foam because slab piers are proven to be lifetime solutions whereas foam like polylift or polylevel don't last. We have the biggest selection of foundation repair solutions in South Carolina, which means that we don't have to settle for any projects that are pushed by franchises but don’t have a lifetime guarantee.

Slab piers are helical piers that are driven through the slab and then attached to the bottom of the slab. The slab never again needs to count on poor soil for support because it has been transferred to better soil. Polylevel, or polylift, is a generally new item in the foundation repair arena. This foam is helpful for small jobs on walkway or pool deck projects that don't require a lifetime guarantee, but when it comes to your building’s slab, we utilize slab piers to ensure a lifetime of future enjoyment.

Mudjacking, polylevel, and polylift are good options if you simply need to fill the voids between your slab and soil without needing to reinforce the unstable soil that holds your concrete slab. If your slab settles because of soil consolidation or poor soil, mudjacking and foam products won't fix these foundation problems. They will briefly lift the slab back into place, but the basic issue of poor soil will still affect your concrete slab.

Call CNT Foundations today at 877-958-9150 if you've seen cracking walls, uneven floors, or doors and windows that are sticking around your home. We'll work with you to come up with the best solution for your settling foundation. Contact our nearby team in Charleston today for your free, no-commitment assessment. Trust us to install slab piers that will secure your home for a lifetime.

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