Settlement Sinking


A settling or sinking foundation can cause numerous foundation issues like sticking windows and doors, breaking walls or uneven floors. As the dirt underneath your home in Charleston changes and loses the capacity to endure the weight of your foundation, it makes your foundation settle and sink.

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Almost all sinking foundations can be traced back to issues with the soil the home was built on. Homes all across the country have foundations that settle over time due to the way the soil reacts to water.

Soil Conditions that Cause Sinking Foundations

Expansive soils are a major contributor to foundation settlement issues. Essentially, water permeates the soil around and beneath your foundation and causes it to expand and therefore weaken. Poorly compacted soil can have the same effect. Moisture changes due to rainfall or even the roots of trees and bushes cause soil issues that will lead to a sinking foundation. 

Sinking Foundations in Charleston

Due to the location of Charleston, water has a major effect on our soils. The proximity to the coast has left the region with “young,” sandy soil. The good news is that sandy-dominated soils are actually excellent for building on as the water tends to pass through rather than building up around your foundation. However, soil consolidation is still a concern for homes in the region as is the substantial amount of rainfall over the area. Soil consolidation is when the weight of your home presses down on the soil, compressing and shrinking it which causes your foundation to sink. In terms of rainfall, Charleston gets nearly 50 inches of rain in an average year - compared to about 30 inches for the US average. 

Foundation settlement isn't always apparent. There are unmistakable signs to search for in the event that you think your foundation is sinking.


How might you tell if your foundation is sinking if it's underground? Look out for some reasonable signs:


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