Seal Block Walls


If you’re not maintaining your crawl space, you could end up with a lot of foundation problems. Moisture is just one of the crawl space issues that many people encounter. A lot of water can harm insulation, structural piers, or walls inside your crawl space. Fixing a crawl space can be a great preventative measure to ensure you don’t experience foundation problems.


If your crawl space is built on concrete blocks, you may also encounter some different issues. Water can leak in through the holes and gaps between the blocks. If your crawl space is experiencing a lot of moisture, it might be time to call the CNT Foundations team in North Charleston.

We will find the best way to protect your crawl space from moisture and water-related issues. A moisture barrier or encapsulation will provide an additional layer of security in your crawl space. The plastic covering around the concrete walls will work to keep the dampness out and prevent your home from experiencing foundation issues.

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