Remove and Replace Concrete


Cosmetic updates to your commercial property could mean removing concrete that no longer serves a purpose. Cracked and uneven concrete can quickly turn into a safety hazard for your customers and employees. Whether you want to remove a concrete slab from your property or need to replace a crumbling slab, CNT Foundations can help. 

Our team has experience removing and replacing all kinds of concrete, used for all kinds of commercial purposes.


Restaurant patios to warehouse floors, almost every business relies on concrete slabs. Normal wear and tear, along with tree roots and soil erosion, cause damage to concrete slabs. Left alone for too long, cracked concrete starts to crumble, creating a safety hazard for your customers and employees. CNT Foundations can remove your damaged concrete and replace it with a new, sturdy concrete slab. Old concrete can be recycled and broken down into smaller pieces to be used as aggregate for new concrete.

Sometimes the concrete can be repaired with concrete leveling, lifting the concrete back in place, creating a sturdy, even surface again. The concrete experts at CNT Foundations can inspect your concrete and determine if it needs to be replaced or if a simple repair is needed.

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Creating a new patio space or updating the landscaping of your property may result in the removal of concrete slabs. If you need to have a concrete slab removed from your property, call an expert. Concrete is heavy and hard to move if you do not have the right equipment or experience. CNT Foundations has a trained crew that can expertly remove old concrete or concrete slabs that no longer serve a purpose so your business can get back to business.

Let CNT Foundations correct your cracked and crumbling concrete with professional removal and replacement concrete services. Contact the foundation and concrete experts at CNT Foundations, your #1 choice in South Carolina for foundation and crawl space repair in North Charleston at 877-958-9150.

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