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Project Manager/Working Superintendent

CNT is looking for additional teammates for it’s Best In Class Production Team. If you are a tinkerer, love getting your hands dirty and love the immediate satisfaction of things like hearing a new motor crank up for the first time, seeing the lawn that you freshly cut, or more specifically to the job, seeing pipe and rod go into the ground. We have an AMAZING opportunity for you.

In this Project Manager/Working Superintendent, you will be responsible for overseeing. Sometimes participating in the installation of helical piers, grouted helical piles and micro piles. This job has an extremely high level of autonomy.

The ideal candidate will be able to excel with minimum oversight, have excellent communication skills with customers, engineers and the Corporate Office. We call these Internal and External customers.

Things you must have to be considered for this role and be successful in this role:

Things that would make you more attractive and successful would be:


(We view all relationships as symbiotic there are more than one way to skin a cat, let us know what you can bring to the table and what you would like for those talents.)

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