Interior Warning Signs


One of the first indications of foundation issues is cracks in the sheetrock, particularly above the door. These stress fractures may demonstrate foundation settlement or heaving that is affecting your home’s balance. If left alone, the problem can make doors and windows hard to open and close; and floors can end up uneven or sagging.

Discovering cracks inside your house is a typical indication of required foundation repair. Different signs to watch for include:

  • Bowed walls
  • Separation of trim and molding
  • Cracked floor tile
  • Uneven or slanting floors
  • Floor and wall gaps
  • Separation of cabinets, doors, windows, and garage doors

Overlooking these early signs can lead to considerably bigger issues and compromise the wellbeing and stability of your house.

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Your particular foundation and your home’s design are one of a kind and deciding the best solution for your foundation issues ought to be left to foundation repair experts who can rapidly distinguish if the wear and tear around your home is due to foundation problems or if the cracks and other problems are normal issues as your home ages. The CNT Foundations team endeavors to not just find the underlying cause of the foundation issue but also how to best address the problem in the most productive manner so you can enjoy your home.

We know your house is vital to you and is a valuable asset. The experts at CNT Foundations will assess your home and make their suggestions based on the uniqueness of your home and foundation. Call today 877-852-5753 for your free, no commitment evaluation and please know we are here to help.

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