Helical Pull Down Piles


Helical pulldown piles are helical piles that have been reinforced with a grout column along the shaft. This allows for greater load capacity and reduces friction that can otherwise damage the helical pile. Helical pulldown piles are recommended for commercial and residential sites with especially weak surface soil that require added support and protection.


Where helical piles are installed without concrete, helical pulldown piles use a grout column. This added layer of protection reinforces the pile shaft, making it stronger and resistant to damage from weaker soils that can shift or expand easily.

Helical pulldown piles, like helical piles, can be tested as they are are being installed to support a higher load capacity. The installation process can be done in any weather conditions and relatively quickly as it does not require excavation. The process also makes it possible to install the helical pulldown piles in sites with limited access as the piles are drilled straight into the soil, limiting soil disturbance, vibrations and noise. Helical pulldown piles are also considered a very economical foundation solution because the installation process can be done almost anywhere in any weather without excavation spoils.

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Foundation issues can happen to any property because of shifting and expanding soil types. Commercial properties are generally larger than residential properties, making them all the more susceptible to the damage caused by weak, shifting and expanding soils. Bowing, leaning and cracked foundation walls are indicators that your foundation is already failing. An estimate from the foundation experts with CNT Foundations will determine the extent of damage and the best solution for your commercial property.

Because of safety regulations and building codes, a failing foundation is concerning for commercial property owners. It is possible to have a failing foundation if you have noticed a leak in your crawl space, leaning foundation walls, or your property is surrounded by weak soil. If you think your business or commercial property is in need of effective helical foundation solutions, contact CNT Foundations in North Charleston at 877-958-9150.

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