Helical Micro Piles


Helical micro piles are a high capacity foundation solution that provides instant support after installation. Being smaller in diameter than traditional helical piles, helical micro piles are a better option for properties that are considered limited access sites that need a deep foundation solution. Helical piles and helical micro piles are a common foundation solution because of their various uses and adaptability.

Because helical micro piles are drilled directly into the ground, the very end of the first pile has a screw-like structure that allows the pile to be drilled down anywhere from 15 to 100 feet below the surface. As the piles are drilled down, extensions are added to reach the desired depth.


Much like helical piles, the benefits of helical micro piles are used in shifting and expanding soil types that require a more stable deep foundation solution. The installation process requires little to no ground disturbance or excavation, and has instant load bearing capabilities after installation. There is no need to wait on clear skies for installation to begin because the installation process for helical micro piles can take place in any kind of weather.

The first pile is drilled straight into the ground. Once a pile is drilled all the way down, another pile is attached. This process continues until the piles have reached a depth that can support the structure.

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Limited access sites often need helical micro piles because micro piles are smaller, making the installation process easier when space is restricted. Helical micro piles are constructed using the same steel as traditional helical piles. As a deep foundation solution, micro piles are drilled down until the piles reach a point where a structure can be supported successfully. This process allows the structure and foundation to be supported directly after installation.


Whether you need to upgrade your old foundation, need added capacity to your existing foundation, or an effective solution for foundation settlement, CNT Foundations has the expertise to take on your failing foundation. Our professional foundation team can install helical micro piles for commercial properties that need an effective deep foundation solution. If your commercial property shows signs of foundation issues, contact CNT Foundations for a free estimate.

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