My Windows and Doors Are Not Opening Properly

Are you noticing that your doors and windows are not opening properly? This could be a sign that a more serious foundational problem is occurring, and it may be in a place you’re trying to avoid…your crawl space.

Sticking windows and doors can be one of the first signs that your foundation may be developing problems. Our team will carefully inspect your home and provide the right solution for your sticking windows and doors.

Here are a few explanations why your crawl space could be causing your windows and doors to stick.

Settling Foundation

The causes of foundational settlement are rarely due to the structural design, but rather the shift and support of the ground underneath or a framing-related issue. The amount of water in the soil can cause your foundation to shift and settle from its original position. If your crawl space is not properly protected against moisture, it can cause your wood framing to rot.

Foundation settlement is common for houses over time, but can cause serious issues within your home such as sticking windows or a door not fitting in its frame.

Bowing Walls

Bowing walls are a sign that the foundation in your crawl space could be unstable. Windows and doors will stick because they no longer fit in the frames. Bowing walls are caused by soil erosion or hydrostatic pressure, and the foundation piers in your crawl space can experience structural failure.

What Should I do if My Windows and Doors Stick?

If you believe your sticking windows and doors are caused by foundational problems, contact our foundation experts in Charleston for a free consultation. CNT Foundations is ready to repair your sticking windows and doors! Call 843-405-7022 today to receive a free estimate.

wall crack next to a door