Creaking Floors

Creaking floors are not only an indication of old houses, and they are not simply caused by time. If you have noticed that your floors have begun to creak, it might be the symptom of a more serious foundation issue. Our expert team in Charleston will assess your creaking floors for foundation issues and give you a free assessment.

Not certain if your creaking floors are an indication of foundation issues? Know the signs.

Floor Creaking
Floor panels creaking upwards and outwards making the foundation not level

Why are my floors creaking?

There are a few explanations for your creaking floors. The floors of old house will start to creak because of time, but if your home is new, squeaking floors might be unnerving. Floors can begin to creak due to:

  • Bad construction or a hurried construction job
  • Expanding and contracting wood because of the changing seasons
  • A pier and beam foundation, which has more "give" than a slab foundation
  • Slanting floors caused by foundation settlement
  • Foundation issues caused by expansive soil in Charleston or other sources

There are many caution signs of foundation issues that you can look for if you think your foundation needs repair. Creaking that gets worse with time and increased floor shaking as you walk are extra indications of a shifting foundation or poor framing. Call our foundation repair team if you see any of these signs.

What should you do about creaking floors?

Creaking floors might be one little sign that your foundation is in an unfortunate situation. At CNT Foundations, we believe that creaking floors and what’s underneath them shouldn't keep you awake at night. Call 843-405-7022 today to make a meeting with CNT Foundations for a free consultation.