Signs of Foundation Problems Outside the Home

As you're doing yard work or getting the most out of your grill with the family on the terrace, you may see a couple of areas of worry with your home. If you are worried about some foundation harm, the Charleston region contractors at CNT Foundations will be glad to survey these regions and decide whether foundation issues are influencing the exterior soundness of your home.

Cracks on the Brick Exterior: Cracks, particularly horizontal and slanting splits, are an exceptionally normal marker of foundation issues. Movement in your foundation caused by soil conditions or tree roots may cause enough change to cause splits on the blocks outside of your home. Not all cracks on your home's outside demonstrate foundation issues, yet having an expert review the condition can help keep issues from quickly advancing.

Exterior Warning Signs
A door frame that appears to have a crack from the top all the way to the roof

Foundation Settling or Upheaval: Noticing that your home is sinking on one side or rising on one side is a conceivable marker of foundation issues. Soil conditions, regardless of whether excessively wet or excessively dry, are issues that can cause settling or change in a home's foundation.

Tilting or Cracked Chimney Do you see splitting in your chimney or notice that it is tilting to one side? Foundation issues might cause this problem. Search for cracks where the chimney foundation interfaces with the home's foundation, damage close to the opening, or holes between the home's outside wall and the chimney wall. CNT Foundations in Charleston will examine the chimney’s structure to decide whether the issues are identified with foundation issues or an inadequate fireplace foundation.

What To Do If You Recognize These Exterior Warning Signs?

If you saw any of the above outside warning signs, the best decision is to call your nearby foundation repair organization. The experts at CNT Foundations in Charleston are prepared to help with a free assessment of your outside warning signs. They may discover that you don't have foundation issues, or they may offer the best answer for foundation repair if necessary. Tending to foundation issues early is superior to waiting for the issue to end up taking a bad turn and needing a costlier repair.

Exterior brick foundation where the bricks have gaps between them