Uneven Floors


Have you seen sagging floors or floor and wall gaps in your home? Your home's floors might be uneven, which is often a sign of foundation settlement. If you've seen uneven floors over your crawl space in Charleston, call CNT Foundations for a free assessment. Our accomplished contactors will go to your home and evaluate the harm to your home and make recommendations for your issue.

Curious as to why your home's floors are uneven? There are a couple of causes behind uneven floors:


As humidity creeps into your crawl space, it can spoil the wood supports in your crawl space and cause your floor to sag. CNT Foundations will investigate your crawl space for mildew and mold to check whether humidity has been harming your house’s support system. We'll likewise assess your crawl space for dry rot, which can happen in South Carolina because of our high humidity levels. Mold and fungus will attack your wooden beams and leave the wood dry and weak.

What else causes uneven floors?

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Was your house built before 2001? If so, there is a decent chance that it was built on spot footing rather than continuous footing. Spot footing means that your foundation is supported in separate places, rather than by one connected support system. After some time, as the soil underneath your foundation loses strength because of expansion, your foundation will begin to sink. A spot footing will cause differential settlement, where various parts of your foundation settle at different rates. CNT Foundations will install a continuous footing that connects all of your footings so your home won't settle unevenly and cause uneven floors in your home.

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