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CNT Foundations knows there’s more than one way to fix foundation problems. Our company is focused on more than just foundation repair; we are a general contractor that puts your family’s safety and well-being above all else. Our mission is to provide foundation repair solutions that will last, preserving your home for your family and families to come. We are a local contractor in Charleston that is proud to provide exceptional repair solutions.

There is more than one type of foundation repair solution because there is more than one type of foundation problem. We have solutions that address problems caused by expansive clay soils and hydrostatic pressure. Many of our solutions deal with stabilizing the areas around your home rather than simply repairing the foundation itself. You can trust that our solutions will stay strong for years to come because they are backed with a lifetime guarantee.

Each individual situation is carefully evaluated by our CNT Foundations’ team of contractors. We make recommendations for repair only after we’ve looked at the problem from every angle to determine the best possible outcome.

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What is the Best Solution for My Foundation Problems? 

Replace vs Repair Foundation: Many homeowners ask themselves if they should repair their foundation or replace the foundation entirely and start from scratch. Deciding which option is best for your home depends on the type of problem, but foundation replacement doesn’t address what’s causing the problem like weak soil or tree roots pressing against your foundation. As a general contractor, CNT Foundations is qualified to not only repair your foundation but also address the problems affecting your home.

Piers: CNT Foundations offers the best types of pier solutions to repair your foundation. Helical piers screw into the soil to stabilize tilting chimneys, crooked porches, cracked foundation walls and more. Our push piers are a superior quality compared to others in the industry.

Wall Straightening: Bowed walls are a nightmare for homeowners because leaving them unchecked can result in major structural damage to your home. CNT Foundations installs wall anchors that will lock into strong soil outside your foundation and guide your walls back to their original, straight positions.

Foundation Support Solutions: Your home may be suffering because of weak supports in your foundation. CNT Foundations will remove and replace girders that are rotted and weak as well as build concrete masonry units and install support piers to uphold failing crawl space support columns. If you are building a new home and want to make sure your foundation is secure, call our experienced team to construct a new foundation that will support your home for many years.

Foundation Repair Costs: CNT Foundations never makes recommendations for foundation repairs without first examining your home and providing a free, no-obligation estimate. We are proud of the work we do, and we want to help you feel secure before you make a final decision.

Ready to get started on your foundation repairs in Charleston? Call 877-852-5753 to make a free appointment with one of CNT Foundations’ expert contractors. We guarantee to provide the best foundation repair solutions in South Carolina.


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