Cracked Sheetrock (wall crack)


In the event that you see a wall cracks inside your home, don't try to fix it yourself. Call a foundation repair contractor right away. Sheetrock cracks are one indication of foundation issues that can be easy to ignore while it’s still small. If you see inside wall cracks in Charleston, observe the size of the crack and if it appears like it’s getting bigger.

Our foundation repair team will come to your home and give advice based on your individual situation. CNT Foundations gives free, no commitment assessments so you know you're in great hands.

What causes cracked sheetrock? There are many reasons:

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Houses that have a solid concrete slab foundation or are built with beams and piers regularly encounter foundation settlement. The dirt underneath your home can't support the weight of your home, making your foundation move. Foundation settlement also happens due to:

  • Poor Construction
  • Water Leaks
  • Expansive Soils

Sheetrock cracks caused by foundation settlement are typically no wider than the width of a dime. If you suspect that your foundation might be sinking, search for cracks in different rooms of your home as a sign that the issues are spreading. Floor and walls cracks also show up when settlement happens.

Foundation settlement isn't the sole reason.


Wall cracks might be because of the common curing process concrete experiences after it is poured. These little cracks are not dangerous and can be fixed effortlessly. It's smart to watch them carefully to ensure they don't extend or lengthen. If you see tiny cracks starting to develop, let CNT Foundations know immediately.


It can be difficult to tell if the cracks in your house are because of foundation issues or regular daily events. Here are a few signs to search for:

Stair-Step Cracks: Brick wall cracks (link to brick wall cracks) in a slanting or stair-step pattern are an indication that your foundation is settling unevenly.

Level Cracks: Foundation settlement often moves enough to cause horizontal splits that can't be filled over. These cracks should be concerning.

Vertical Cracks: Minor foundation movement or regular wear can cause vertical cracks that are not as dangerous as diagonal or horizontal wall cracks.

Widening Cracks: If cracked sheetrock has cracks that can fit a dime, or if one end of the crack is clearly bigger than the other, it's a great opportunity to call 877-852-5753.

Cracks Near Doors and Windows: Cracks in the sheetrock around windows and doors is another indication of foundation settlement. Sticking doors and windows happen when the foundation moves, and door and window frames change shape.


In the event that you consistently see sheetrock cracks that are noticeably getting worse as time goes on, it's the best time to call the foundation repair professionals at CNT Foundations. Our foundation repair contractors will fix your settling foundation, so you can enjoy your home.

Call CNT Foundations today at 877-852-5753 to schedule a free meeting with one of our foundation settlement experts. We'll talk about various foundation repair solutions with you that will solve your inside wall cracks. We're committed to making your home a lovely, safe place so you can keep making memories.

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