Foundation Drainage Problems


Water under your foundation can cause foundation issues for your home. Damage caused by water is regularly a source of foundation problems and ought to be managed quickly to maintain a strong foundation and avoid structural problems. In the event that you see that your foundation has drainage issues in Charleston, contact CNT Foundations quickly. 

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Foundation drainage issues can be difficult to spot, so it's essential to watch out for any side effects to check whether your poor drainage is affecting your foundation. Poor drainage signs include: Cracked foundation because of hydrostatic pressure Exterior and inside wall cracks caused by foundation heave Concrete aging, stains, and cracks Insects and other pests that get in through cracks in the foundation Mold and mildew that love damp environments Failing foundation stability and foundation settlement Foundation drainage issues can originate from a couple of sources. For example:

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Your home could experience the ill effects of drainage issues if it sits at the base of an incline. Foundation damage regularly happens when water pools around your foundation since it has no other good place to go. You may have water draining from your yard toward your foundation because of poor grading.


Indeed, even the littlest amount of water in expansive soil can hurt your foundation. Clay-rich expansive soils extend and contract depending on the water in the soil, which can lead to foundation problems. South Carolina has an assortment of soil compositions including this clay-rich soil. Clay soil is naturally bad for foundations because clay soil shrinks when it dries and grows when it is wet. This cycle can cause foundation settlement or foundation heave and can lead to foundation problems that will require repair. And there’s more.


Foundation problems regularly show up when water isn't being properly directed away from your foundation. Water that pools because of inappropriate drainage can cause mildew, mold, and wood rot in your crawl space beams. Water that keeps running off your rooftop ought to be directed to the road or the edges of your yard to protect your foundation from water damage.

How can I fix my drainage problems? If you live in Charleston and you've seen indications of foundation water damage because of poor drainage, there are a few repair choices available. Our foundation repair team will look at your foundation and make a proposal for the best possible solution. Call CNT Foundations today at 877-958-9150 to plan a free meeting with one of our Charleston area contractors. We provide no-commitment assessments concentrated on repairing your foundation issues, so you can focus on the more vital things in your everyday life. Give us a chance to provide the right services for your foundation repair needs.

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