Why Are My Floors Sloping

If your home is an older model, you may notice sloping floors after a while. Sloping and sagging floors are most often caused by defective joists. Your house puts a lot of weight on the floor joists, and the beams can gradually become uneven, causing sloped and sagging floors.

Settlement issues in your crawl space may also make your floor sag. If your crawl space has too much moisture, water can be soaked into the wood and the wood will rot. As time goes on, your home starts to settle on the ground it was built on. The dirt underneath your home can become uneven because of excessive humidity or poor drainage on the earth’s surface. As your home settles, the floors may start to slope and sag.

Sloping and sagging floors can be a major issue inside your home. The contractors at CNT Foundations will locate the correct answer for repairing your sagging floors. Call us today at 843-405-7022 to schedule your free assessment.

sloped floors