Sinking Floors in Your Home

Sinking floors inside your home can be an indication of greater foundation issues within your crawl space. Your home’s floors may start to sag or sink if your crawl space has not been properly maintained. There can be an assortment of issues that would prompt sinking floors including foundation settlement, insufficient support, or rotting wood.

Sinking Floors
settlement sinking

Issues Causing Your Sinking Floors

  • Settlement: As time goes on, your home starts to settle into the soil it was built on. The dirt underneath your foundation can become unstable and can't handle your home’s weight. The structural piers move down with the dirt and disconnect from the floor joists, making the floors uneven.
  • Inadequate structure: Structural piers in your crawl space may not be accurately positioned or they may be too small. Shifting or sinking piers can cause sinking floors.
  • Deteriorating Wood: Crawl spaces are known to gather high amounts of moisture. If not monitored carefully, abnormal amounts of moisture can soak into the wood and start the rotting process. The moisture can also consume the floor joists and braces causing sinking in the above floors.

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