Why is there Separation in My Trim and Molding

Have you seen gaps between your floors and baseboards? Trim and molding pulling from your walls and floors could be an indication of major issues inside your crawl space. In the event that you see gaps in your trim or molding, contact CNT Foundations. Our experts are prepared to assess your crawl space damage.

Here are some reasons your trim and molding can separate from the floors and ceilings.

Baseboards are isolating from the floor?

Cracked sheetrock, uneven floors, and loose molding and trim are all indications of settlement inside your crawl space. There are a few unique reasons why your home could be settling:

  • Overspanned floor girders and joists
  • Weak soil that wasn't compacted enough when the house was constructed will crumble under the heaviness of your home, making your foundation sink.
  • Expansive soil can gradually move underneath your foundation as it soaks up water and builds pressure underneath your crawl space floor
  • Wood rot because of humidity

Disintegrating floor joists and supports can also separate your trim from the floor. Floor joists will decay because of too much moisture from humidity or crawl space flooding.

separations in trim and molding
wall crack

How to stop separation in your trim and molding?

Separating trim and molding will take more than caulk to remedy. If settlement is causing your trim to detach, ask an expert for the best solution.

CNT Foundations is your source for crawl space repair arrangements in Charleston. We will come to your home to discover the source of your detached trim and molding and present you with various remedies. Call 843-405-7022 today for a free assessment.