Are My Cabinets Separating Due to Foundation Problems?

Are you seeing detachment between your cupboards and walls? Issues inside your crawl space could be causing foundation issues that prompt separating cabinets. If you see your cabinets detaching and think it is because of foundation issues, contact CNT Foundations. Our contractors will take a look at the detachment and decide if it is caused by crawl space damage.

What Could Cause My Cabinets to Separate?

Wall cracks are an indication that your foundation and crawl space might be settling. Soil that was not compacted appropriately during your home’s build can start to sink because of the heaviness of the house, causing your foundation walls to crack. Additionally, if the dirt inside your crawl space gains water and loses its bearing limit, this could cause wall cracks and detachment in your cabinets.

Overspanned framing and wood decay are other causes.

CNT Foundations is your trusted contractor for crawl space repair in Charleston. We will come to your home and decide what is causing your separating cabinets. Call 843-405-7022 today for a free assessment.

Separation in Cabinets