Musty Odors in Your Home

Musty scents in your home can be an indication of mold or other environmental dangers growing inside your crawl space. Mold or different toxins developing in your crawl space can be released into your home, which causes a musty smell. It is essential to check the moisture levels in your crawl space. High humidity can cause rotting wood structures or mold development. This can prompt a gross, musty odor and complications with your foundation.

How Can You Remove the Musty Odor

At CNT Foundations, we will analyze the reason for the musty odors in your home. Our team has the resources and solutions to protect you and your family. If your crawl space needs a vapor barrier or a complete encapsulation, our experts will get rid of those musty odors to keep your home smelling fresh. Call our team today at 843-405-7022 to discuss getting musty smells out of your home.

Musty Odors in Home