My Windows and Doors Are Not Opening Properly

Are your doors and windows refusing to open properly? This could be an indication that your foundation is experiencing a serious issue, and it might be in a place you're attempting to avoid...your crawl space. Sticking doors and windows can be one of the main signs that your foundation is developing issues. Our contractors will painstakingly examine your home and provide answers for your stuck doors and windows.

Here are a couple of reasons why your crawl space could be making your windows and doors stick.

Settling Foundation

Foundation settlement isn’t usually caused by the structure’s design but rather shifting dirt underneath your foundation or a framing issue. Water in the dirt can make your foundation move and settle from its original place. If your crawl space isn't fully protected from humidity, it can cause your wood framing to decay.

Foundation settlement is usual for houses as they age, but it can cause major issues inside your home, like windows that stick or a door not fitting in its casing.

What Should I do if My Windows and Doors Stick?

If you trust that your sticking doors and windows are being caused by foundation issues, contact our foundation contractors in Charleston for a free meeting. CNT Foundations is prepared to repair your sticking doors and windows! Call 843-405-7022 today to get a free assessment.

wall crack next to a door