Why Is My Floor Creaking

Hardwood floors often squeak. There are many reasons why your floors squeak, but the climate may be the most obvious reason. In a harsh winter, your floors start to dry out, which produces gaps between your floorboards. During the summer, your wood starts to swell. If your squeaking floors are happening often enough that they can’t be caused by the weather, there might be a structural element to consider.

Floor Creaking
Floor panels jetting out where they meet forming an unstable foundation

Foundational Problems Causing Your Floor to Creak

Different components that may make your floors creak could be subfloor issues or foundation movement. If your foundation is settling or there is shifting soil underneath your home, your subflooring might put weight on your hardwood. Different sections of flooring will start to rub together and create the creaking noises. The other reason floors will squeak is subfloor issues, or a damaged floor joist support. If you are walking over a hardwood or carpeted floor and notice a creaking sound, it may be that your floor joists or supports might be damaged. The subflooring may not be evenly supported. A gap will form over time and you’ll hear a creak when you step on that portion of floor. If the floor joists are cracked or damaged, the nails holding the floors may pop loose and cause the creaking.

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