What Is Causing My Sheetrock to Crack

Sheetrock cracks might be an indication that you have big foundation problems. Excessive moisture, improper framing, and foundation settlement are often the reason behind cracks or other damage to your sheetrock.

  • Excessive Moisture: Your crawl space may be damp because of poor ventilation and high humidity. When the humidity gets too high, it can cause wood rot or cracked drywall. If you see that your crawl space is abnormally humid, consider encapsulation with a vapor barrier keep the drywall from soaking up too much moisture.
  • Shifting Foundation: Most sheetrock cracks are because of the soil settlement underneath your foundation. With the heaviness of your home pushing down on the foundation, the dirt starts to sink. Horizontal and diagonal cracks are usually because of the walls moving down with the dirt.

It might be hard to pinpoint exactly why your sheetrock is cracking. The professionals at CNT Foundations are here to locate the issue and find the best remedy for your home. Call 843-405-7022 in Charleston today to learn more about our cracked sheetrock solutions.

Cracked Sheetrock