Intrusion of Insects in Your Crawl Space

Crawl space dirt floors are the ideal place for creepy crawlies and other pests to enter your home. These bugs can nest and duplicate underneath your foundation. Bugs like termites will eat through support beams that can lead to uneven floors or foundation issues. When bugs and other pests enter your crawl space, they can follow electrical wires or pipes into your home. Bugs and rodents will infest your crawl space if not carefully monitored. Most crawl spaces are a feature of older homes, and creepy crawlies can enter the space from the outside through wall cracks or your crawl space door.

Bugs In Basement or Crawl Space
An infestation of termites

Prevent Bugs from Entering Your Crawl Space

It's great to be on top of things before bugs attack your home. Seal all openings around your crawl space regardless of the size. Additionally, make it a point to control the humidity in the area. High moisture levels can pull in bugs and make it easy for them to live in your crawl space.

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