Why Do You Need Vent Covers in Your Crawl Space

When you consider covering your vents, you most likely don't think of the vents that exist in your crawl space. A vented crawl space can build up a few issues over time. Having a vent in your crawl space enables damp air to enter and can destroy insulation and encourage mildew and mold to develop. In the North Charleston summer, warm air enters the crawl space and gathers on the cooler surfaces. The noticeable humidity can be absorbed into the wood piers and prompt wood rot. Weak structural piers can lead to bigger foundation issues.

Crawl Space Vent Cover
How to Prevent Wet Slab Foundation Damage

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Encapsulating your crawl space and installing vent covers can help keep your crawl space dry and mold-free. Keeping the crawl space protected from outside temperatures and humidity can help decrease the danger of any future issues. The team at CNT Foundations will work with you to find the correct vent cover for your crawl space. We will guarantee that your crawl space stays spotless and dry all year round.

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