Is It Time to Replace the Girder in My Crawl Space

A girder is the horizontal support that support the surrounding beams for a structure. The girder can withstand the load of the floor joists and can balance weight out between the piers. Without the help of the girder, your home can start to encounter various issues like sagging floors or wall cracks.

remove and replace girder
dry stack piers

Why Would My Girder Need to Be Replaced

A girder can become damaged after some time and may should be repaired or replaced before your foundation is affected. Here are a few issues that can harm your girder:

  • Wood Rot or Termite Damage: In many cases, your girder is built using wood. In the event that your crawl space encounters termites or high humidity with a lot of noticeable moisture, the wood can disintegrate and should be replaced. In the event that your wood rots because of humidity, we will prescribe a moisture removal solution to keep this issue from continuing.
  • Sagging or overspanned beam: If your crawl space suffers from high humidity levels, the girder can start to sag. If the beam is overspanned, uneven floors may develop in your home. Our group will fortify the girder with new support columns to keeping the girder from bending.
  • Sinking Columns: If your crawl space has a dirt floor, your home will experience settlement after some time. As the moisture levels in the dirt change, too much water or too little water can put pressure on the piers or cause the piers to sink, respectively. In any case, the floor will start to sag causing uneven floors in your home.

If you’re worried that your girder has been damaged, it may be time to repair or replace it. Call the team at CNT Foundations in North Charleston to get the best solution for your home. 843-405-7022