Crawl Space Drains

A crawl space drain can help keep flood waters from damaging your crawl space and foundation. A flooded crawl space can cause serious structural problems like wooden beams that will rot when they take on moisture. Additionally, moist air encourages mold and mildew growth that is unhealthy for you and your family.

Crawl Space Drain
A French Drain Pipe being installed in the foundation of a crawl space

Installing A Drain Pipe

At CNT Foundations, we can install a crawl space drain by:

  • Excavating a shallow trench around your crawl space interior below the footing
  • Install a perforated pipe into the trench
  • Surround the pipe with rocks
  • Connect the pipe to the drain at the crawl space’s lowest point
  • Allow water to drain naturally or encourage the process with a sump pump to expel water from the crawl space

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