Crawl Space Support Piers


Your foundation in Charleston is probably built above a crawl space rather than above a basement. Therefore, your home may start to experience the ill effects of bouncy floors if the wooden crawl space beams start to decay or are overspanned. While a crawl space is a cost-effective method to get your home off the ground, it can experience the ill effects of structural damage.

Crawl space support piers will get your foundation back into good shape. CNT Foundations provides extraordinary foundation repair solutions to homes with crawl spaces. Call 877-958-9150 for your free, no-commitment appraisal.


Many crawl spaces are built with wooden girders and beams. These beams support the primary floor joists of your home, but they also require concrete masonry units (CMUs) to shield them from sagging under the heaviness of your home. The trouble comes when all that wood starts to decay and can't keep supporting the rest of your foundation. As the wood rots, shrinks, or endures water damage, it will make your home's floors become bouncy and uneven.

We recommend CMU installation under your crawl space foundation rather than novelty items like Screw Jacks. CMUs don't experience the ill effects suffered by wood, such as wood rot, and the CMUs can provide lifetime support to failing floor joists and girders.

CNT Foundations in Charleston will help you decide on the best foundation repair choice for your home. Your foundation should be the strongest part of your home, and CNT Foundations is here to make sure it stays that way. Call 877-958-9150 today to talk with our staff and get a free estimate.

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