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If you have noticed bouncing, sagging, or bowing of your floors, this could be a sign that your home is suffering from structural damage. The floor framing may not have the appropriate strength to support its weight, due to unseen damage. One strategy that is often used to repair failing floor joists is the process of sistering. Sister joists add extra stability and weight-bearing support to your floors, and are an economical way of reinforcing your home’s structure.

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Floor joists are structural members used to support a space, beam to beam. Without floor joists, your home would not be able to handle the weight of its walls and ceilings, along with your furniture and the people in your home. Sistering joists simply means adding a second, or third, identical joist to an existing one, and tying them together. This can be a great way of repairing damaged joists without the need for ripping out the framing altogether. CNT Foundations has worked extensively in Charleston floor joist repair, and can recommend the right course of action for you.

Things like crawl space moisture accumulation, water damage, and termites are common causes of floor joist damage. When the wood of the joists becomes weakened or starts to rot, it cannot hold the weight of your home very well, and your floors can start to bounce or sag. Depending on the condition of your home, our foundation repair team may use sister joists to restore its structural integrity and allow you to walk comfortably across your floors again.

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