Crawl Space Doors


A crawl space door provides a simple way for you to get in and out of your space. A crawl space door is normally a bit of material anchored on the crawl space opening with hinges and screws. Many access doors use metal or wood. These materials can rust, break down, and crack over time. After one of those things happen, the door will never open and close effortlessly again. Loose doors can cause problems in your home. A loose door lets bugs and water into your crawl space if not closely watched. Repair or replace your crawl space doors if you notice any of these issues.


The right crawl space door can spare your home from experiencing major or minimal damage. It is critical to ensure that your door hangs accurately on the hinges and does not have gaps or breaks that would enable water and bugs to enter your space. Our group will work with you to locate the best solution for your crawl space. Our crawl space doors are produced using a material that won’t deteriorate.

Our team in North Charleston is here to help find the best door for your crawl space. Call CNT Foundations at 877-958-9150 today to find out more about crawl space doors.

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