Cracked Bricks


Bricks are a tough and lovely building material that can endure forever if legitimately kept up. Cracking bricks might be an indication that your foundation needs repair.

If you see cracked bricks in Charleston, call one of CNT Foundations' contractors to analyze your circumstances and give a free, no-commitment appraisal. Our foundation repair services give a permanent benefit to your home, securing you and the ones you cherish.


Cracked bricks can imply that something is truly wrong with your home's foundation. Little cracks and minor decay may not be an issue, but substantial brick cracks that are more extensive at the top than at the base are certain signs your home will require foundation repair. Know about these brick cracks:

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Horizontal Cracks

Horizontal cracks are the most perilous because they can be indications of more genuine foundation issues. These cracks run parallel to the ground and are regularly indications of bowing walls which can fall if not looked at by an expert. Horizontal cracks can be caused by a lot of weight on the foundation which mostly comes from expanding soil.

Vertical Cracks

Vertical brick cracks are an indication that your home is settling because of shifting soil. In the event that you see vertical cracks in your bricks, search for other foundation issues like slanted floors or cracked walls.

Stair-Step Cracks

You may see these cracks running through the grout because of your foundation sinking into the soil. As the seasons change, the dirt under your foundation may grow and contract, making the foundation settle and bricks crack.


At first glance, fixing cracked bricks should be possible with some mortar and time. Most of the time, cracked bricks are more than just cosmetic. Cracked bricks are indications of genuine foundation issues that can cause permanent damage to your home.

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