Charleston Pool Repair

Cracks in your pool deck are an eyesore that can also create a sharp tripping hazard. Our team of Charleston concrete resurfacing experts can take care of the cosmetic problems with your concrete pool deck. It takes a professional at CNT Foundations to make sure that those unsightly cracks are not the result of a larger underlying issue.

Concrete Resurfacing and Repair

A concrete pool deck can be resurfaced or repaired! The first step of any concrete project is finding out why there is damage. Charleston pool repair professionals at CNT Foundations can check your pool deck for damage, figure out the source and make sure that it is structurally sound before repairing it.

pool deck repair
A pool deck that is cracking around the pool and in need of repair

Resurfacing For A Fresh Look

Resurfacing your concrete pool deck with a concrete overlay is an efficient way to bring new life to your pool! The process fills in the cracks and allows for the addition of new colors and designs to your pool area. Our Charleston crack repair experts will revamp your pool for safe, summer activities with friends and family.

Pool Deck Repair

Pool decks have to stand up to a lot of pressure from the surrounding soil, the pool and the constant traffic during the summer, not to mention the chemicals from pool water. Shifting, expansive and weak soil can shift and cause the individual slabs to become uneven or unstable. Calling CNT Foundations for your Charleston pool repair needs can prevent further damage and an unexpected stubbed toe.

A common form of pool deck repair for embedded pools is polylift (link to ‘polylift’ page) or mudjacking where cement or polyurethane foam is injected below the slab to fill the void and bring the slab back to level. Other cases may require removal and replacement (link to concrete ‘removal and replacement’ page) if the slab is crumbling.

CNT Foundations provides several foundation repair solution services, concrete repair services and concrete leveling services. If you need a knowledgeable, professional crew to repair your concrete pool deck, schedule an estimate from CNT Foundations in North Charleston at 843-405-7022.