How to Level Sinking Concrete

Foundations do not stand alone. The concrete in your crawl space is sinking because of the weak and eroding soil under your property that is no longer able to support the load from your property. The only way to correct sinking concrete is to rebuild the support that holds it in place. Our Charleston concrete repair team can help fix your sinking concrete and make your property level again.

How We Can Level Your Concrete

Concrete leveling can be done for commercial and residential properties with uneven concrete slabs. Eroding soil can cause concrete slabs to shift and sink, while expansive soil and tree roots can cause concrete slabs to rise or crack. Our team of Charleston concrete repair experts at CNT Foundations can bring your concrete walkway, driveway, garage floor and patio back to level. We will evaluate your property and recommend the best solution for you and your budget.

If the slab is intact,concrete leveling is a better alternative to needlessly replacing the entire slab. While some cases call for the removal and replacement of the slab, our Charleston concrete repair and leveling services allow the original slab to be used, minimizing the impact on your yard, the surrounding soil, the curb appeal and your budget.

How to Level Sinking Concrete
Sinking Outdoor Concrete

How It Works

We use two approaches to concrete leveling, mudjacking and PolyLift. Our Charleston PolyLift and mudjacking leveling services work in a very similar way in that concrete or polyurethane foam is injected through a small hole drilled into the concrete. The concrete or foam fills the void below the slab caused by weak, shifting soil until the slab is level again. Mudjacking and PolyLift have different advantages. CNT Foundations can evaluate the cause of your unlevel and weakening concrete slab, and give you the best solution to fix your problem.

Sinking concrete is a serious problem. For an effective solution to your uneven concrete, contact CNT Foundations at North Charleston at 843-405-7022.