Concrete slabs are important. Warehouse floors, walkways, driveways and foundations are all made out of concrete and require a skilled team to frame, pour, level and smooth the concrete to create the right surface for your commercial property.

Depending on your needs, the kind of concrete slab you need will change. The construction of a concrete floor has very different requirements than a concrete driveway or a concrete footing. CNT Foundations has the tools and experience to handle any concrete project for your commercial property.

Pouring concrete is a science that requires an understanding of the soil type on which you are building, the expected structural load and your budget. CNT Foundations specializes in concrete slabs for commercial construction that often require a stronger mix and heavier reinforcement.

A brand new foundation floor


There are many factors that can impact the time-table for completion of your commercial concrete slab, but the process is generally the same for every project.

  • Estimate - While estimates happen throughout the entire process, the initial estimate of the site determines the kind of soil present on-site, the kind of concrete needed and the size of the project.
  • Breaking ground and excavation - Breaking ground is an exciting day. The concrete will need to be sturdy and level, which means that the excavation process requires expertise to reach the correct depth for the project and the soil type.
  • Rebar and framing - Once the excavation is done, the site is framed where the concrete will be poured. Reinforced concrete is standard in commercial construction. Rebar is layed in the framing before it is poured.
  • Utilities - There are times when water lines and plumbing need to be addressed. Your utilities are an important consideration when laying a foundation or concrete slab.
  • Pouring - Concrete is poured, leveled and checked to make sure it is not curling as it dries. After concrete is poured, it needs to be kept above 40 degrees Fahrenheit and dry to cure properly, meaning that summer is the best time for pouring concrete. Though warm temperatures are good for concrete, it is best to have the rebar out of the heat for as long as possible. The drying process will take time so be sure to check that it is safe to use/walk on before proceeding with your project.
  • Cleanup - The site is cleared and ready for use or further construction.

Quality Concrete

CNT Foundations has a commitment to providing quality concrete services to our commercial clients. If you would like to learn more about our commercial concrete slab services and concrete repair services, contact CNT Foundations in North Charleston at 843-405-7022.