CMU Walls

CMU, also known as cement masonry units or cinder blocks, are often used in construction because they are versatile, budget friendly, easy to install and are environmentally friendly. The availability of various styles, designs and types of cement masonry units makes them an incredibly versatile construction material. Various shapes of concrete masonry units allow for grouting and reinforcing the blocks.

Commercial Application

CMU walls are often used in commercial construction because they are fire-resistant, can be reinforced with rebar and are cost-effective. Some designs allow the alignment of the individual blocks to vary, making it easy to stagger or stack the blocks in a way that complements the building design and strength of the wall. During construction, each block is placed and stacked with mortar to secure the blocks in place.

CMU Walls
A concrete masonry unit wall stable and flush

Benefits and Uses of CMU

When a cement masonry unit is formed, it undergoes a curing process that ensures it strengthens with time. Cement masonry units are a cost effective building material and are considered environmentally friendly due to their thermal mass that helps to regulate indoor temperatures. Because they are hollow, cement masonry units can be reinforced with rebar, making them stronger and more durable. The design for most CMU walls is repetitive, making the installation process relatively quick. CNT Foundations has experience using cement masonry units in many of our construction and repair projects. For more information about our cinder block wall repair and CMU wall services, contact CNT Foundations in North Charleston at 843-405-7022.