Cast in Place Concrete

Concrete can be cast in place, on-site. The process of cast in place concrete allows for the on-site construction of concrete floors, walls and roofs. Concrete has been an important material in construction for centuries and continues to grow in popularity. CNT Foundations has trained concrete professionals that can handle your cast in place concrete project.

Cast In Place Concrete

Concrete Casting Process

Long before the concrete is poured, the process of cast in place concrete needs a framework and reinforcement. The framework is usually constructed from wood or aluminum, making a mold that will form the final shape of the concrete. The framework is secured and braced. After the framework is set in place, the rebar is shaped and placed within the framework. Rebar is used for reinforcement because it is resistant to rust and weathering and is malleable enough to be adapted to fit within the shape the concrete will take.

While still wet, the concrete is transported to the site and is placed in the framework via truck chute, bucket or pump. Special care is taken when filling the framework, preventing overspill or leaking.

The curing process requires special attention to prevent the drying concrete from curling. To be completed properly, the entire process must be done in temperatures above 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

remove and replace concrete

Environmentally Friendly Building Material

Cast in place concrete is growing in popularity in new construction as an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional construction methods. The materials used during construction can include recycled materials and supplementary cementing materials, and the steel required for rebar is mostly from recycled material. It is well known that concrete is very efficient at insulating a structure, ensuring that the internal temperature is not overly impacted by the weather outside. This is due to the limited number of joints needed during construction.

Foundations and More

Foundations are just the beginning. CNT Foundations provides several concrete services for commercial properties. Whether you need concrete repair for your driveway or a new warehouse floor, CNT Foundations can help.

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