Mudjacking is a time-tested concrete leveling solution. The process allows for an existing concrete slab to be lifted back into place without needing to replace the slab.

Concrete slabs are supported by the soil below, meaning that it shifts and sinks as the soil erodes and washes away. A solution to uneven concrete is filling in the empty space left from soil erosion with a substance that will lift the slab back into place.

For mudjacking, one or more holes are strategically drilled through the slab, and wet concrete or slurry is pumped into the void below the slab. This process slowly raises the concrete back to level and being fully supported again. When the concrete is level, the holes are filled with grout. After one or two days your concrete is ready to be used, leaving you with a level, supported, beautiful concrete slab.

This kind of concrete leveling is common and effective at correcting uneven concrete, having been a viable solution for over 70 years.

A sidewalk foundation where the front porch and sidewalk have a large gap between the two as well as a vacuum pump entering the gap
A technician leveling a sidewalk foundation with tools and equipment

Concrete Leveling

When a concrete slab is no longer level, it is usually due to soil erosion that is caused by groundwater and weak soil types that erode or compact. The purpose of concrete leveling (link to ‘concrete leveling’ page) is to bring the slab back to level, without having to replace the entire slab. The benefit of concrete leveling is that you are working with the existing slab, meaning that you do not end up with two-toned concrete and do not have to pay for an entirely new slab.

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