Commercial Foundation Services

Whether you see cracks in your warehouse concrete floor or your office building has a leaking foundation, you want the best Charleston commercial foundation repair solutions for your property. Your commercial building deserves professional foundation repair from CNT Foundations. We can inspect, repair and restore your foundation to meet and exceed your expectations. Commercial foundations have to stand up to constant traffic and the extra weight of merchandise and equipment. Commercial properties and structures also have to meet certain standards and regulations for the safety of customers and employees. Our team of foundation experts are familiar with every kind of foundation issue and know the best foundation repair solution for your commercial building. If you notice bowing walls, cracks in concrete floors, foundation settlement, uneven floors or other signs that your structure is not being supported, it is time to contact CNT Foundations.


Foundation Repair Services

Charleston area commercial foundation repair services are our specialty. CNT Foundations understands the importance of your business or commercial space. We work to get you back to business as soon as possible. Because each foundation is different, we inspect each property to determine the best foundation solution.

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Solutions For A Stronger Foundation

Helical piers are a good option for foundation repair as they require little soil disturbance, are generally faster and easier to install in any weather condition, require no concrete to cure, can be used in limited access sites, and are easily modified. All of our piles, both standard and custom, are among the strongest on the market and perfect for commercial foundation repair in the Charleston area. They feature a patented helix plate that is cold formed and corrugated which makes it up to 50% stronger than those on our competitors’ piles. High capacity applications, aggressive soils, and poor soil conditions usually call for the use of helical micro pulldown piles that reinforce a standard helical pier system. This reinforcement helps to prevent buckling, allows for better corrosion protection and supports the foundation despite weak surface soil.

Crawl Space Repair

Crawl spaces deteriorate with time and weathering so keeping them in good condition is an important part of the commercial foundation repair services we offer the Charleston area. Where in-ground foundations are exposed to ground water and expanding soil, crawl spaces are subject to damage from flooding, moisture, animals, improper construction, age, and weather. One weak point in your crawl space can cause the structure to become uneven, shifting it until floorboards separate and walls bow. Replacing, repairing and restoring crawl spaces is one of our many commercial services. CNT Foundations can inspect your crawl space, checking for moisture damage, rot and other signs that indicate your structure is unsound. We have the experience and the right tools to repair your crawl space.

Solar Panel Foundations

Solar power is growing in popularity for commercial spaces. Each installation is different. The process of installing solar panels needs expert attention to the foundation and support system that keeps everything upright and in place, meaning that each solar panel system requires special attention.

Helical Piers Prefered in Solar Panel Installation

Helical Piers are quickly becoming a preferred foundation system for solar panels because of their many advantages over concrete and steel. Helical Piers are easier to install because they are suitable for several soil types, can withstand extreme temperatures, do not require soil displacement or de-vegetation, and require no pre-site preparation. Factors such as soil type, slope and the size of the system will affect the kind of foundation needed for your solar panels. CNT Foundations can determine the best foundation solution for your ground mount.

New Construction

Building a new commercial property is exciting and stressful. Trust the Charleston commercial foundation construction experts with CNT Foundations to install your new building foundation. We evaluate and inspect the soil condition and type before installation, making sure that your foundation can stand up to possible groundwater, soil erosion, and soil expansion. We are a team and our goal is to work well and effectively with others on all of our commercial projects.

For professional foundation repair and restoration for your commercial property, contact CNT Foundations in North Charleston at 843-405-7022.

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